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Traffic Awareness

A traffic awareness program was conducted by VJ Minchu and Gandadagudi Foundation wherein which they discussed the importance of wearing a helmet while riding bikes and mopeds and following traffic rules.

Along with VJ Minchu, Mamatha PSI helped to make the awareness program a success. Chocolates were distributed to motorists who were not wearing helmets and were told to do so.

As we here at Team Minchu are inspired by his work, we thought we will share some more information with you regarding the same as we know that VJ Minchu would have done the same if he himself were writing this blog.

Fact vs. Myth on helmets

  • Myth: Helmet causes injuries to the neck or spinal cord. 

  • Fact: Helmets conforming to regulations and worn correctly do not cause such injuries

  • Myth: Helmets impair hearing and sound

  • Fact: Helmets may reduce noise but do not affect the ability of the rider to distinguish between sounds.

  • Myth: Any Helmet is better than no helmet

  • Fact: In case of a crash, a rider using a low-quality helmet could get more severely injured or even killed.

As per section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, “Every person driving or riding on a motorcycle of any class or description shall wear a protective headgear conforming to the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards.

What is Safe Helmet? 

A safe helmet is a helmet certified by the Indian Standards Institute (ISI). The ISI mark assures the buyer that the product in question confirms to Indian regulations for quality, safety and performance.

After reading this, we hope that you will pass on this message about traffic awareness just like VJ Minvhu does and follow traffic rules and use ISI marked helmets.

Drive Safe!

- Team Minchu

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